Jesus - Who is He? Some consider Him to be the founder of the Christian religion, a great moral leader, a great teacher, even a prophet. Some point to Him as their inspiration. And there are those who worship Him as God. So who is Jesus Christ, truly?

His death - Why was He crucified? Was He simply misunderstood, falsely accused by jealous leaders or was there more to His death than the agony and suffering wrongly dealt to an innocent man. Why does the crucifixion of a Man who lived about 33 short years matter so much?

His resurrection - Did He, really? Did Jesus Christ truly rise from the dead? Would a trial of His resurrection hold in a court of law? Would armed Roman soldiers abscond before fishermen? Could 500 eye witnesses be rejected? Could the transformation of His chief antagonists be discounted?

His miracles - Does He, even today? The Gospels record Jesus doing numerous miracles, healing the sick, casting out demons, overpowering nature and so on. Are these myths, mere figments of imagination? If they happen today in His name, we can affirm He is Real, and confirm they happened back then!

His uniqueness - Why Jesus? Is it right for someone to claim to be the only way? Does it make sense to point to a singular way to salvation? Aren't such claims ridiculous in our world today, where all shades of gray are welcome! So then, what are Christ's claims to uniqueness?

His disciple - What it takes to be one. Jesus was absolutely poor at public relations, modern critics would say. He never soft peddled His message. While He promised abundant life, rest, peace, joy, provision, etc., He also clearly stated there was a cost involved if anyone dared to follow Him.